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Episode 23 – Michael Isaacs – East Coast vs...

Podcast Episode 26 - Lowell Demond

Episode 26 – Lowell Demond

November 10, 2017 Comments (1) Fishing, Podcast

Episode 25 – Striped Bass Memories with Danny Ripley

In this episode of the podcast, Danny Ripley and I reminisce about Striped Bass fishing on The Annapolis River (Nova Scotia) back in the 80’s and early 90’s.  Though Danny and I really didn’t get to know much of each other until later in life, we shared having been fortunate enough to experience great Striped Bass fishing on The Annapolis River as youth, with our fathers Jack Ripley and Tom Doggett.  We both look back very fondly on those times, fishing with our fathers and meeting many other great anglers like the infamous Rex Taylor, Gary Gorham, and many others.  We also take some time to discuss some more recent Striped Bass issues.

Danny remains an avid angler, guide, and fly tier.  For more information about Danny, click here to visit his website.

While Danny and I are now both very conservation minded anglers, here are some photos from years ago, in a time when the majority of fish caught within the legal limit were retained:

Jack Ripley – Danny’s best mentor. Below causeway above Pin Rock

Stripers at dawn – Pin Rock

Heading up river for the night

Old Schooner Wharf – Second Bay

Rex Taylor – A mentor to us both

Danny and his dad Jack at the fast water. Danny’s first striper came moments after this photo was taken.

Causeway – Fast water. “The hole” in the foreground.

Danny at “The Fishway” outside of causeway

Danny at about 20 years old

A nights catch 38-41lbs (Danny)

“Five Runger” 44lbs (Danny)

One night at the “Fast Water” 7-45lb (Danny)

Dave at about 12 years old at the “Fast Water”

Dave fishing a Cisco Kidd lure at the “Fast Water”

Dave’s first double digit Striper caught at the causeway at 1:30 am, Aug 19, 1989

Dave & Tom after a 3 fish night tide

Tom Doggett with a 42 pound Annapolis River Striped Bass (1990)

Dave with a 21pound Annapolis Basin Striped Bass

This episode has been brought to you in part by LabradorFlyFishing.ca (Flowers River Lodge, Hawke River Outfitters, Crooks Lake Lodge).

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