Mike Crosby recounts his record 60+ pound Atlantic Salmon

Episode 015 : Mike Crosby’s Record Atlantic Salmon

Dave talks with Tony Robinson about NB Muskie Fishing

Episode 017 : Saint John River New Brunswick Muskie...

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Episode 016 : Talking Fishing and The Outdoors with Chris Sinclair

Maritime Outdoorsman Episode 016 with Chris Sinclair

In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman, Dave talks with Chris Sinclair, a dedicated young outdoorsman who has quickly become an experienced fly angler and fly tyer.  At the time of this episode, Chris is just 20 years old and is well on his way with his education – studying in Prince Edward Island, soon to be in Fredericton New Brunswick.

Chris has also been actively involved in the Nova Scotia Fly Fishing League, competing in numerous fly fishing competitions, while also helping other youth become involved.

Chris’ favourite trout fly is a Hot Head Woolly Bugger

Hot Head Woolly Bugger

Recipe:  Streamer hook, black marabou tail with flashabou, black chenille body, silver wire rib, black palmered Body hackle, hot orange tungsten bead.

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