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June 23, 2013 Comments (6) Podcast

Episode 009 : Interview with Lewis Hinks of ASF – Open Net Pen Fin Fish Aquaculture

In this episode of The Maritime Outdoorsman, host Dave Doggett talks open net pen fin fish aquaculture with Lewis Hinks, director of programs for the Atlantic Salmon Federation in Nova Scotia.  Lewis is currently one of only 11 master certified fly casting instructors in all of Canada.  Open net pen fin fish aquaculture is not only having a negative impact on our native wild Atlantic Salmon stocks by way of escapes and disease transfer, but is also the cause of many other environmental concerns in our region.  Though many other countries have banned open net pen fin fish aquaculture, our local governments have embraced the industry, despite the indisputable negative environmental impacts, hoping that aquaculture jobs will impact our economy.  ASF does not oppose aquaculture, but does oppose open net pen fin fish aquaculture.

Related links:

http://asf.ca/asf-team.html – ASF Staff page (scroll down to Regional Staff to find Lewis’ contact information

http://asf.ca/cleanupsalmonfarming.html – Clean Up Salmon Farming

http://www.cosewic.gc.ca – COSEWIC (Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada) status on wild Atlantic Salmon

http://www.sustainableblue.com – World leading aquaculture in the heart of Nova Scotia

http://www.salmonwars.com – A documentary focused on the issues surrounding aquaculture in our region


6 Responses to Episode 009 : Interview with Lewis Hinks of ASF – Open Net Pen Fin Fish Aquaculture

  1. Paul Littlefield says:

    I wasn’t aware that any country had banned open pen fish farms. Can you provide a link? Sounds interesting. Thanks.

    • Dave Doggett says:

      Hi Paul, thanks for listening and for your comment. While we aren’t aware of other countries who have completely banned open net pen fin fish aquaculture, there are other countries who have are struggling with the same problems we are now experiencing here in the Maritimes. My apologies for not clarifying within the episode.

  2. Very good job Dave, thank you on behalf of all salmon anglers!

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