"Short Cast" #2 with Perry Munro

029 : “Short Cast” #2 with Perry Munro

Episode 32 of The Maritime Outdoors Podcast - Catching up with Matt Dort

032 : Catching up with Matt Dort

May 16, 2020 Comments (0) Maritime Outdoors

030 : Tick Talk with Lisa of Atlantick

Episode 30 - Atlantick Tick Talk

In this episode, I chat with Lisa who owns and operates Atlantick, a Nova Scotian business. Ticks are not only a pest to those of us who try to enjoy the great outdoors, but many of them carry Lyme disease and can transmit an array of other bacterial infections. When I realized there was a local business built upon the idea of trying to help reduce the risks that ticks impose, I quickly reached out.

Listen as we talk ticks, learn about Atlantick’s outdoor spray, and hear about some exciting new developments coming within the next year.

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