"Short Cast" #1 Podcast Episode with Perry Munro

028 : “Short Cast” #1 with Perry Munro

Episode 30 - Atlantick Tick Talk

030 : Tick Talk with Lisa of Atlantick

March 28, 2020 Comments (4) Maritime Outdoors, Podcast

029 : “Short Cast” #2 with Perry Munro

"Short Cast" #2 with Perry Munro

With over half a century of experience as a fishing and hunting guide, Perry Munro is an absolute treasure trove of knowledge. In addition to guiding, Perry is also an extremely accomplished outdoor author and artist. His countless stories are sure to appeal to any outdoorsman.

This episode is the second of several “short casts” taken from a conversation I had with Perry about his guiding career. Listen in as Perry talks about some of his adventures in The Arctic.

Perry has also recently published a new book titled “Guides Eyes” which can be purchased on Amazon using this link.

To reach out to Perry, either visit his website at perrymunro.com or find him on Facebook by clicking here.

This episode has been brought to you in part by LabradorFlyFishing.ca (Flowers River Lodge, Hawke River Outfitters, Crooks Lake Lodge).

4 Responses to 029 : “Short Cast” #2 with Perry Munro

  1. Wayne Hart says:

    Great stories.But too short.I could listen to Perry all night long.

  2. Brian Casey says:

    Dave ,
    I really enjoyed Perry Munro’s story on his trip to the arctic . The broadcast you do is great and look

    forward to listening to future and previous episodes.

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